Why is Whoopi Goldberg always so sick and tired?

After watching “The View” yesterday I found myself sick and tired of Whoopi Goldberg’s rants regarding racism and single parenting.

#1 Black people are not the only people in the world to have ever been enslaved.  For whatever reason, they still choose to hang on to their history and throw it in everyone’s face on a regular basis.  BTW your own people are the ones that initiated slavery.  Choose to build a bridge, get over it and rise above.

We now have a half black President and most at least 40% of Black America that voted never before voted in their lives.  They only voted because of the color of a man’s skin.  He didn’t even have enough experience to be President.  Colin Powell would of been a better choice.  Condoleeza Rice would of been a better choice.

Every culture at one time or another has been enslaved.  Cultures have tried to kill others to extinction.  For instance…. I was born in Scotland.  The English tried to wipe us off the map.  Do I hate English people?   No… Do I talk about what they owe my people?   No…   Why because it doesn’t serve a purpose.

History is history.  Everyone’s soul  choses to come in at differnt points in time to experience different things.  Based on what their soul chooses to learn in that life time.  Everything serves a purpose.  We obviously learned something about slavery as it hasn’t happend again in our life time.

A form of Slavery still exists today.  Remember the Indentured Servants?  That is still happening now.  It’s just not discussed.  I believe it is still happening in the Hindu culture and the Asian Culture.  Passionate about slavery or racism? Help those people.  Quit throwing tantrums on your show.


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